Covid-19 Update

We are happy and ready to welcome you in all our stores. In order to allow you to shop with peace of mind, we put in place measures to provide you a safe, clean, and pleasant environment. We remind you that our online store remains operational. Also, we have put in place a contactless home delivery service to ensure the health of our customers and employees throughout our operations. For more information on our current preventive measures for COVID-19, click here.

Shopping cart and online orders

How can I add items to my shopping cart?

To add an item to your shopping cart, choose the number of items you wish to add and click on the update cart button on the product's detail page.

How can I remove items from my shopping cart?

To remove an item from your shopping cart, on the shopping cart page, click on Remove next to the item that you wish to remove. The item will be removed and your subtotal will be recalculated.

How can I modify item quantities in my shopping cart?

To modify the quantity of a specific item in your shopping cart, enter the desired quantity in the 'Quantity' column and click on update quantity (standard website); or on update cart (mobile website). The item's quantity as well as the subtotal will be updated.

What are the available methods for paying my online purchases? accepts both MasterCard and Visa credit cards. We do not accept cash, cheques or COD (cash on delivery) for payment of online purchases.

I have questions on my order or would like to modify my order. Who must I contact?

If you wish to modify an order placed via the online shopping cart or have questions regarding your order, please contact our online service department here.

Are the prices displayed online the same as the ones offered in stores?

All prices are displayed in Canadian dollars and do not include applicable fees or taxes, including without limitation sales taxes, installation fees (labour and materials), home delivery fees or optional credit plan fees. Other fees may apply. You will be informed of any additional fees prior to shipping your order.

Applicable promotional dates, prices and merchandise availability provided on the website are subject to change without prior notice. It may occur that certain items or colours are out of stock when you place your order.

How are prices calculated in the shopping cart?

The prices shown in your shopping cart are those indicated on our site for each selected item. The total price is calculated based on items' unit prices without consideration of volume purchase discounts or other promotional offers. Prices are recalculated once the order is sent to our central computer system. All prices are indicated in Canadian dollars and do not include applicable sales taxes.

Do the sales taxes apply?

EconoMax collects the sales taxes on items ordered from this website. The combined rate of applicable federal and provincial sales taxes depends on the order's delivery address.

How does online ordering work?

We do everything we can to make it easy to place orders on the site. You have reviewed our merchandise lineups or used the item search function to find what you are looking for. Making your payment is even easier. Once you have located the item you wish to purchase, click on Add to cart (standard website) or Update cart (mobile website) and follow the instructions provided below:

1. Reviewing the order

Your shopping cart is currently displayed. You may now review the full list of items included in your cart and read a description of each. It is now time to make any changes to your order, if applicable. For example, you can modify an item quantity or remove an item from the cart. To modify your order, click on the Quantity update button. The total will be updated. To continue your shopping, click on the Continue shopping button. Once you have finished your selection, click on the Paiement button and move on to step 2.

2. Logging on

You are now on the login page. If you are a registered user, you will need to enter your email address and password. If you are not a registered user, you may register by clicking on the Create my profile button.

Note: It takes only a few minutes to register and registering will save you a lot of time during your subsequent visits. For example, if you register with us, we will hold some of your personal information to save you from having to re-enter it next time you visit our site.

Economax is committed to protecting its clients' right to privacy. For further information on our privacy policy, visit the Privacy policy section. If you are ready to register, click here.

3. Billing and delivery address

You are now on the billing and delivery address page. You must confirm your billing address. To accelerate the processing of your order, your billing address and phone number must correspond to those on file with your financial institution.

Here, you may review your order's total and make last-minute changes. If you want your order delivered to a different address than your billing address, simply indicate the applicable delivery address.

4. Payment page

You are now on the payment page. Here, you may review your order's total. You also have a final opportunity to cancel your order before we process it. You are invited to enter your payment info. Click on the Continue button to finalize the transaction.

Note: To prevent all possible delays, we will automatically validate your address with Canada Post's database if you select the Home delivery option. If our system detects an error, you will be sent a message prompting you to correct the address.

5. Transaction record

You are now on the transaction record page, where you may view your order's summary and number. You will receive an email from confirming that your order has been processed.

Are online purchases secure?

EconoMax spares no effort to provide an online order system that enables you to shop easily while protecting the integrity and confidentiality of your personal information.

Order security: What is encryption?

Our website uses the SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) protocol, an encryption standard that is widely used in the industry. When you click on 'payment', you will be connected to our secure server. The SSL protocol sends your browser information to 'encrypt' your order and convert all of the information that you provide into a code that is extremely difficult to decrypt. In fact, despite the impression that some media may give, not a single case of fraud through interception of a credit card number sent from a secure web server has been identified to date.

Am I responsible for purchases carried to my account even though I did not make them?

On, you may use a credit card issued by a financial institution (e.g., VISA, MasterCard). Banks usually protect you from any unauthorized charges carried to their cards, but they may also charge a $50 deductible. It is always preferable to verify the limits of your responsibility with the institution that issued your card.

What is ECO-FEE?

Eco-Fees are charged on the purchase of selected electronic and computer products. Those are determined by the provincial government. The fee is neither a tax nor a deposit and is subject to the sales taxes that apply in Québec and New Brunswick.

Consult the Regulation respecting the recovery and reclamation of products by enterprises

Consult the list of regulated products and the applicable fees

Browser configuration

What is a cookie?

A cookie is a very short text installed on your computer's hard drive. This text plays no role other than to enable our server to identify you each time you click on a new page. This allows us to save time and prevents you from losing your shopping cart. It also enables you to keep the content of your shopping cart on the server for several hours, including when the Internet connection is interrupted.

Does using cookies give EconoMax access to my personal information?

No. If you accept a cookie, no one will gain access to your computer or personal information. The cookie is simply a small file in which we save specific data that identifies you as one of our clients. We may deal with third parties that use cookies and collect information on our behalf. By virtue of our agreements with these third parties, they cannot share this information with anyone but us or our third-party service providers and selected business partners.

What is Java Script technology and what is it used for?

Java Script technology is a browser-based script language that improves performance and must be activated before using the website.

What happens if my browser is not configured for cookies or Java Script language?

It will not be possible for you to place an order if your computer does not accept Java Script or cookies. Our service may appear operational to you, but our web server will not be able to locate your shopping cart when you click on our site.

What information exactly do you collect using cookies?

We use cookies at two locations. We create and maintain a unique identity code in the shopping cart for your browser and the website.


Where do you deliver?

EconoMax is proud to deliver orders throughout Québec. Regions that EconoMax does not service are covered by third-party courier and shipping companies. Certain items may also be delivered through Canada Post Xpresspost.

How must I proceed to return a product?

Read our return policy

Product warranties/Protection plans

Does Economax honour manufacturer warranties on products it sells?

To have the manufacturer's warranty honoured, please contact the manufacturer directly for electric household appliances and electronics. Call our client services department for furniture and mattress warranties.

Do purchases come with a warranty?

Both the manufacturer's basic warranty and the legal warranty apply to all merchandise.

How can I purchase an extended warranty for my purchase?

You may purchase an extended warranty for your item by contacting our client service department. You may also purchase an extended warranty by discussing it with one of our agents when planning the delivery of your order. Please note that all products sold in Quebec are covered by the legal warranty.

Who must I contact if I require maintenance service?

To request maintenance service, please contact our online service department here.


Can I receive a catalogue of your products?

We do not have a catalogue but feel free to browse our flyers and visit our website any time.

Where are the EconoMax stores located and what are their business hours?

Click on 'Find a Store' link for the telephone numbers, addresses and business hours.

Are credit plans available at all times?

The credit plans offered are available in store or online. You can contact our advisors via the chat service for more information on credit terms and conditions or click on the link "Credit Offered'.


Payment of your EconoMax statement (financing)
EconoMax private-label card
You can make your payment through the following financial institutions:
BMO, RBC, Desjardins and National Bank

Accord D financing, Visa Desjardins credit card
You can make your payment through the following financial institutions:
BMO, TD, Desjardins and National Bank

Payment of your EconoMax purchase (bill) without financing before delivery
You can make your payment through the following financial institutions:
BMO, RBC, Desjardins and National Bank

Please note that you must make one payment by order and that your financial institution might take up to 72 hours to transfer your payment to our financial institution.